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GP Video Diaries

GP Video Diaries: We asked our GP’s in BLMK what it was like working in GP practices at this time. Click on the videos below to see what they told us:

Dr Nicola Smith, BLMK Clinical Chairhttps://youtu.be/cnbNUun4jhU 

Dr Nina Pearson - https://youtu.be/kj_UM8HIgHk 

Dr Chris Longstaff - https://youtu.be/pjZubbBNs5o 


Other GP Video Diaries:

Dr Ed Sivills, sharing tips for looking after your mental wellbeinghttps://twitter.com/BCCG5/status/1257628632962551808 

Dr Nicola Smith, BLMK Clinical Chair, reminding you the NHS is still here if you need ithttps://twitter.com/BCCG5/status/1256176996352172032 

Dr Nina Pearson, sharing stories of seeing patients at this time - https://twitter.com/BCCG5/status/1255863147015045124 


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