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Get ready for Brexit

The goverment is working closely with the NHS and suppliers to help to ensure medicines and medical products continue to be available for patients if there is a 'no deal' brexit.  Full information on getting medicines if there is a 'no-deal' Brexit can be found on the NHS England website.

Advice for patients 

The government has instructed all hospitals, GPs and community pharmacists not to stock up on extra medicines and equipment in the run up to Brexit, nor to issue patients with longer-than-usual prescriptions.

Patients have also been advised against stockpiling, as doing so could result in there being less medicine and equipment available for others in a similar position. 

Work is ongoing to ensure patients carry on receiving treatment as normal, with no reduction in the frequency of their care.

Should the public need to be informed about a change, Luton & Bedfordshire CCG’s, along with colleagues from other NHS organisations, will use all available communication channels to ensure the information is shared. 

What is happening in Luton & Bedfordshire?

As with all other NHS organisations, Luton & Bedfordshire CCG’s have already been working with partners across the local health and social care system to plan for every eventuality of a no-deal Brexit.

A number of risk assessments have been completed, looking at possible consequences of leaving without a deal and the subsequent action that would be needed to ensure business can carry on as normal. 

Patients should be reassured that every possible outcome has been planned for and that everything that can be done in advance to avoid any possible disruption is being done. 






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