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Active Signposting

Overview of the service

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) has procured West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing to host a training programme with our local practices, their successful model has proven innovation that releases staff time and improves patient care.

Active signposting, also known as Care Navigation, is one of the top 10 high impact actions in the GP Five Year Forward View. Active Signposting encourages patients to self-refer to local community services where they do not need to see a GP first. This takes place upon presentation at the GP Surgery, trained individuals are given the tools to advise and direct patients to an alternative service, providing their needs fit within an agreed exclusion and inclusion criteria.

What this means for you

The aim of this service is to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get the right help for your condition. This will be achieved by providing you with more information about the health and wellbeing services that are local to you.  You will be able to make informed decisions about the choices which best meets your health and wellbeing needs and access them directly. In order to achieve this, you may be requested to provide more detailed information regarding your symptoms/needs when contacting the surgery. In time, it is hoped that this service will help to reduce the overall waiting times for you to see your GP or Nurse.  

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