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Red bag - FAQs

What happens to the Red Bag if the resident is discharged to a new Care Home or Learning Disability Home?   View
How does the Red Bag get back to the Care Home if the resident dies in hospital?   View
What happens if a bag is found unattended/lost?   View
Does each resident have their own Red Bag?   View
How will the Red Bag be cleaned?   View
Do we use the Red Bag when admitting to all hospitals?   View
Do we get extra copies of the documentation?   View
Are all Care Homes using the Red Bag?   View
Who do we contact if we have any queries about the Red Bag?   View
What happens if the ambulance service tells us we must include all medication?   View
Do we have to include the resident’s original signed DNACPR?    View
What happens if the bag does not come back to the care home with the resident?   View
What happens if we need more Red Bags?   View
When the resident is in hospital, how do you know who’s bag is who’s?   View
What happens if the resident returns and some of their belongings are missing from the Red Bag?   View
Do care homes need to send critical drugs into hospital with the resident?   View
Should care homes be sending in liquid paracetamol with the resident to hospital?   View


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