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Contractual sanctions applied by Commissioners

Public reporting of contractual sanctions applied by commissioners

In line with National NHS Standard contract 2015/16 technical guidance (paragraph 35.3) commissioners must now publish details on financial sanctions applied for each of their main providers for failure to achieve national standards set out in their contract.  Commissioners must also indicate how this funding has been spent.

At the beginning of Quarter 4 2015/16 revised arrangements were put in place for the levying of financial sanctions following agreement with Monitor, Trust Development Authority and NHS England.  With effect from 1st January 2016 the levying of financial sanctions that occur on or after that date will either flow directly through to the bottom line of commissioners or be applied to support the financial position of providers.

The report for 2015/16 details all sanctions that have been levied and reinvested to support the delivery of services. 


It was acknowledged by CCG Commissioners that Cambridge University Hospital Foundation Trust would not achieve the quality and performance standards included in the 2015/16 contract. In order to support the Trust in their efforts to regain compliance against these standards and thus protect the quality of care delivered, financial consequences including penalties and adjustments were applied and then directly reinvested back to the Trust. The CCG Consortia had agreed that sanctions against East of England Ambulance Service would be reinvested back to the Service to support the use of Private Ambulance Services in Quarter 4 in order to improve response times.  However EEAST were unable to secure the resources from the market in this Quarter and CCGS as a result were not able to switch the use of these sanctions into other areas during Q4. As part of a risk mitigation strategy with Bedford Hospital a block agreement was put in place for financial penalties allowing the Trust to concentrate on patient outcomes. A 2015/16 outturn has been difficult to clarify with Buckinghamshire Trust due to ongoing issues around data quality.  The CCG continues to work with the Trust to agree a year end position. Qtrs 1-3 financial penalties have been agreed with the Luton & Dunstable Hospital and the CCG is actively pursuing agreement of the year end position.




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