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Information, advice and how to complain

Information, Advice and Support

The NHS can sometimes be complicated to understand, if you feel you need support Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) complaints and enquiries team is here to help.  We can:

- Give guidance on the NHS complaints procedure and where to send your complaint
- Provide information on local health services
- Give details of other organisations that can help you

If you require non-urgent medical advice please contact your GP, call NHS 111 or visit the NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/ for health and lifestyle advice.

Making an NHS complaint

You have a right to make a complaint about any aspect of NHS care, treatment or service.

Bedfordshire CCG commission (buy) healthcare services, hospital care, GP, mental health services, out of hours services, NHS 111 and some community health care services from provider organisations.  We do not provide healthcare directly to patients. 

If your complaint is about NHS treatment and care you are advised to complain directly to the healthcare provider.  Hospitals, mental health trusts and larger providers have in-house complaints teams. 

If you are unhappy with a primary care service, such as your GP practice, optician, or pharmacist, you should complain to the Practice Manager of the practice or if you prefer to NHS England, the organisation that manages complaints for primary care services:

Telephone: 0300 311 22 33 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays)
Email: england.contactus@nhs.net

Write to: NHS England, PO Box 16738, Redditch.  B97 9PT

Children and Young People - How to complain

If you are a child or young person, and something goes wrong with your medical treatment or you are unhappy about the way you have been treated you have the right to make a complaint.  If you don’t want to make the complaint yourself, you can give your permission for someone else to make it for you, perhaps your parents or a friend.

You may be worried about making a complaint because:

You don’t want your parents to know about the issue
You are worried you won’t be taken seriously or will be seen as a trouble maker

But don’t worry.  It is important to complain if something goes wrong so things can be made better next time, for you and other patients.

Complaints must be kept confidential except in very exceptional cases where you are at risk of harm

Independent and confidential support is available to help you make your complaint.

For more information and confidential advice on how to complain contact us on:

Telephone: 01525 624275 

Email: bccg.complaintsandfoi@nhs.net

Complaints about the CCG

If your complaint is about a commissioning or funding issue, and you are registered with a Bedfordshire GP practice, you can complain directly to us about the following issues:

- Commissioning decision, for example if the CCG has stopped or replaced a service in your area
- Individual Funding (IFR) process
- Continuing Health Care process

Email: bccg.complaintsandfoi@nhs.net  

Telephone: 01525 624275

Or write to:  Complaints Manager, Bedfordshire CCG, Suite 1, Capability House, Silsoe, Bedfordshire  MK45 4HR

If you are unsure where to direct your complaint please get in touch.

Bedfordshire CCG’s complaints policy can be found here

NHS Complaints Advocacy

If you feel you need support in making your complaint, this is available through POhWER - NHS Complaints Advocacy.  They provide free, independent and confidential support for people who wish to make a complaint about the care they have received from the NHS.  An Advocate can explain the complaints process, give guidance on writing an effective complaint letter and where appropriate you can have one to one advocacy support:

Telephone:  0300 456 2370   Email: pohwer@pohwer.net 

POhWER website:  https://www.pohwer.net/central-and-east-of-england


This page was last revised on 30 August 2019

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