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Individual Funding Requests (IFR) and prior approval process

Like all NHS organisations, Bedfordshire CCG (BCCG) has limited resources and is responsible for using these in the most effective way. The treatments it routinely funds are those which are the safest and most effective, and which give the best value in terms of health gains for the available funding.

Treatments which BCCG doesn't routinely fund are those likely to bring little or no health benefits - sometimes known as 'procedures of low clinical value'. Examples might be breast augmentation, or skin tag removal, since these procedures would usually address cosmetic rather than medical concerns.

Treatments initiated within the private sector are not routinely funded or extended.Sometimes a drug might be known to be of some benefit but be prohibitively expensive. Sometimes BCCG will fund a treatment for a particular 'patient group' - that is, patients with similar conditions and symptoms - but not for another patient group with less advanced symptoms, or a different condition.Our individual funding request policies and procedures are available for you to view. 

For a number of treatments BCCG has specific policy statements setting out restrictions on access, based on evidence of clinical and cost-effectiveness and/or relative priority for funding. 



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