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Continuing Care for Children

NHS Children’s Continuing Care is support provided for children and young people under 18 years who need a tailored package of care because of their additional Health needs that cannot be supported within the Universal and Specialist services readily commissioned.  Continuing Care for a child or young person must take into consideration their healthcare needs but also their physical, emotional and intellectual development, including their education. 

Children’s Continuing Care (CCC) is different to NHS Continuing Healthcare - ‘CHC’, that is sometimes provided to adults over 18 years who have very complex health needs.

The CCG’s Children’s Continuing Care Team leads the process by which children in Bedfordshire are assessed for eligibility for NHS Children’s Continuing Care assessment/support, and manages the related care package provision.  The team is comprised of registered Nurses who follow a National Framework for assessment in order to identify if the child or young person meets threshold for additional support.

Referrals may relate to children or young people who have complex; physical, mental health or learning disability needs, or who require end of life care. Referrals can be made by any practitioner working with a child or young person and assessments are undertaken alongside colleagues in Health, Education and Social Care, with key input from the child or young person (as able) and their parents/carers.

If a child or young person is assessed as not meeting criteria for Children’s Continuing Care assessment/support, the Nurse Assessor will signpost to appropriate local services. If the outcome of an assessment is that the child or young person does meet criteria, then a personalised package of care will be co-developed to meet the needs of the child or young person.

A child or young person who is eligible for Children’s Continuing Care has a right to be considered for a Personal Health Budget (PHB).

The outcomes of the Children’s Continuing Care assessment should be considered for inclusion in a child or young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan if they have one.

Much more information on continuing care for children is available on the NHS Choices website. This sets out the process for putting the care in place - the assessment phase, decision-making phrase, and arrangement of provision phase.

Specific enquiries can be emailed to the CCG via: admin.strategy@nhs.net 

Or telephone:  Lorraine Doyle (Administrator) on: 01525 624334

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