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Welcome to the Ivel Valley locality profile page. Here you can find in-depth information about the health of local residents including facts and figures on population, diversity, life expectancy, health inequalities, health behaviours and variations between GP practices.

Key facts in Ivel Valley’s report

Children and young people: 

• It is estimated that 460 children aged 5-10 and 690 aged 11-16 in Ivel Valley have a mental illness. Mental illness is more prevalent in boys than girls
• Year R children (4-5 year olds) had a significantly higher proportion of overweight children than the Bedfordshire CCG average. GPs and school nurses should support children to access the BeeZee Bodies programme, which is designed to help overweight children, and signpost to Change 4 Life, which includes healthy lifestyle advice
• While Ivel Valley vaccination rates meet the targets overall there are individual GP practices that do not meet the targets for two and five year olds. Work should be done to improve uptake of childhood immunisations with the local public health team, Public Health England and NHS England

Adults and older people:

• In Ivel Valley 6,220 people are over 75 years old (7.1% of total population) and 1,605 (1.8%) are over 85 years old. Extrapolating, we project an increase of 959 of over 75 from 2013 to 2017. With the growth in the number of older people in the community, prevention and self-management are important priorities for health and social care teams
• Of the 6,220 over 75s in Ivel Valley, just over 2,800 are estimated to live alone. Social isolation and loneliness are increasingly being linked to poor physical and mental health. Joined-up working between Social Care and Health is needed to identify this cohort and address social isolation, prevent mental health problems and manage long-term conditions
• Emergency admissions for Ambulatory Care Sensitive conditions can be reduced with effective community and primary health care. In 2013/14 there were 226 spells for influenza and pneumonia, 66 for congestive cardiac failure and 113 for COPD, costing a total of £1.3 million for all three conditions
• Alcohol-related hospital admissions show some variation at practice level with one practice significantly higher than the Bedfordshire CCG average
• There are an estimated 920 people living with dementia in Ivel Valley. GP practices should review their dementia registers and compare these with predicted prevalence to quantify unmet need. Identifying and diagnosing dementia ensures that patients and their carers can access the appropriate care and support

For the 2014 locality profile (2013 data) click here. 

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