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Our vision

Our vision is

“To ensure, through innovative, responsive and effective clinical commissioning, that our population has access to the highest quality healthcare providing the best patient experience possible within the resources available”

We have three core objectives to deliver: care right now, care into the future and care when it's not that simple.

What we want for our patients, their families and carers

Our goal is to ensure that people in Bedfordshire receive the best possible healthcare. If you are a patient we want you to feel safe, reassured and well cared for at all times whenever you come into contact with the NHS.

So, we aim to:

  • make quality and safety the number one priority for all the services we commission
  • create a culture that listens, learns from and empowers patients
  • ensure high-quality general practice throughout Bedfordshire
  • ensure high-quality experiences for all our patients when they use local NHS services
  • build a joined-up approach in health and social care services
  • achieve the best health outcomes in the country.

 And we will do this by:

  • working with others – our patients, their families and carers and the public; GPs and localities; local councils; hospital, community and mental health partners; voluntary organisations and community leaders
  • asking our doctors, nurses and clinical experts to use their experience and insight to improve how we do things and to develop new ways of providing care outside hospitals
  • focusing on health outcomes
  • using our buying power to make health and care services more joined-up


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