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Is A&E for my mini me?

Medical help for child illness

When a child gets sick it can be a very worrying time. However, your health visitor, practice nurse, nurse practitioner, GP and pharmacist can all give you advice on how to treat your child's illness. As well as your GP, some health visitors, nurses and pharmacists can also diagnose illness and prescribe medicines for your child.

If your child is ill you can try your local pharmacy first. They will tell you if your child needs to see a GP.

Visit our self care advice page for more information.

Most GP surgeries are very supportive towards parents of small children. Some will fit babies into surgeries without an appointment or see them at the beginning of surgery hours. Many GPs will also give advice over the phone.

More information on child illnesses and injuries can be found here.

If your child has signs of serious illness contact your GP directly or take them straight to the A&E department of your local hospital.

NHS 111

If you find it difficult to contact your doctor or get to the surgery, you are an unregistered patient or need out of hours medical attention you can call NHS 111 for medical advice, 24 hours a day.

Find out more information on NHS111 here.



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